Frequently Asked Questions About

The Clear Skin Program

I've seen multiple dermatologists and tried many skincare products with no results. How is it that you can successfully clear up acne?
Acne is a complex disease and successful acne treatment involves a combination of professional acne treatments PLUS using high quality, non-comedogenic products for your specific type of acne.  We must combat acne lesions on a daily basis by using varying strengths of products that cause the skin to shed, while also being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Acne-prone skin is tricky, and quickly builds an immunity to active products.  This is why many products, even antibiotics, will seem to work at first, but then will rarely keep the condition under control permanently.  With my approach, we will be making frequent adjustments to your home care regimen (usually by increasing the frequency of product use, sometimes increasing the strength).  It is important for you to be patient with this process, and not to give up!  This method, when followed specifically, has the highest success rate in treating acne that I have ever found, even higher than that of dermatologist and antibioitic treatments.  This has also been my personal experience.  It helps to think of a person who has diabetes, they have to manage their insulin levels every day.  When a person has acne, they have to manage their pores every day, period.  I hope this perspective motivates people to stick with the program and products!

How soon should I expect to be clear?
The process can take 3-4 months to get acne under control.  This is simply because it can take an acne lesion anywhere from 1 to 3 months to rise to the surface of the skin, and the skin will continue to "purge" until it is completely cleaned out.   A small percentage of clients have more stubborn acne so getting clear may take longer in those cases.  Your success is largely dependent on how compliant your are with the program and how regularly you come in for treatments. 

What is the cost of your treatments and homecare products?
Acne sufferers interested in becoming a client must first book a consultation which costs $40. Each acne treatment is $50 for the first area and $25 for any additional areas. The average cost of the initial products is approximately $100-$140. As you need to replenish individual products, the cost can be anywhere from $9 to $38 depending on the product needed.

Will insurance cover my treatments and product purchases? 
Most insurance companies do not cover corrective treatments performed by a Licensed Esthetician.  

Can I just come in for an acne treatment without participating in the Clear Skin Program? No.  I am dedicated to helping you to achieve clear skin for the rest of your life and treatments alone do not get lasting, long-term results. Treatments work on the surface of the skin which helps speed up the clearing process but is only a quick fix if that is all you are relying on.  Acne is a complex disease and in order to clear it, we need to use a comprehensive approach.  If you are looking for a quick, short-term fix, this is probably not the right program for you.