Acne and the Cold

After enduring the last several days with a cold, I find myself thinking how lucky am I to be sick AND acne-prone!  Not only do I get to suffer with all of the symptoms and consequences of the cold itself (hello, 4 day weekend at home in bed, just what I asked for!) but it truly is the gift that keeps giving.  Us acne-prone folks get to experience the effects for days or weeks after in the form of breakouts.   This increase in breakouts post-sickness is no coincidence my friend.  Do you partake in any of the following when you are under the weather?

  • Cold/Cough Medication?
  • Chicken Noodle Soup?
  • Kleenex:  The wonderful new varieties aimed to NOT cause our noses to be raw and chapped from the constant wiping and blowing?
  • A severe lack of participation in your normal skincare routine? (Where's the energy?!)

If you are a current acne client of mine, you probably just had an A-HA moment, but if you are not let me fill you in...

  • Many cold and cough medications contain bromides and iodides, which are known to aggravate acne or cause acne-like eruptions.  
  • Most canned soups contain iodized salt, soy and some even have carrageenan, which can all aggravate acne.  Try making your own soup  - without iodized salt.  
  • Those lotion infused Kleenex might feel great on your sore, chapped nose, but with the addition of ingredients likes coconut oil and sodium lauryl sulfate, they can now cause the breakout blues.  Sticking with the plain variety is your best bet.  
  • When you're sick, it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed to do anything, let alone stand at your bathroom sink for 5 minutes while you perform your skincare routine.  But remember, prevention is the key to treating acne and even a day skipped can show up later! So unless you find a wonderful person who is willing to wash and apply each of your products to your face without you lifting a finger (and to throw in a foot massage while they are at it) you will be best served to just get up and do it, you will thank yourself later.  

While you may not be able to completely avoid the above acne culprits while you are sick, at least knowing the probable causes of your post-sickness breakouts can ease the stress (and help you avoid yet another cause of breakouts!) 

Wishing you all a healthy holiday season!